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Work Machines® Work Machines12 li Display

Matrax branded "Construction Machines" consists of toys in 9 different designs. In order to prevent harm to our children, it is designed in soft-lined shapes by avoiding sharp-edged designs. Matrax – Construction Equipment is a set that will make our children have a good time not only visually but also functionally. You can buy these products individually or as a set in different combinations. What they will do with the members of this set depends entirely on the imagination of the children. As with all other products of the company, this product of the company is produced with raw materials and dyes suitable for child health. 12 li Display takes its place on the shelves in the box.

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Product Dimensions
10x12x11 cm.
Other informations

Package Shape: 12 Li Display Cardboard Box

Package Dimensions: 40 x 38.5 x 15.5 cm.

In Display Box: 12 Pieces

Quantity in a Box: 10 Display Boxes (120 Construction Machines)

Box Dimensions: 83 x 39.5 x 77.5 cm.

Net Box Weight: 20,960 gr.