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Mega Joesy Educational Block Game 100 Pieces

Now imagine a toy. In our world where everything is standard and measured, our children can express their imaginations much better. Joesy Toy, unlike any of the standard building toys, is a toy that can let any surrealist or realistic dream come true. Since it has both curved and straight lines, it is a toy that directly coincides with our idea of producing unusual and unusual toys, which we adopt as a principle. Like other members of our educational toy family, Joesy is a unique and completely healthy toy. Moreover, Joesy Mega can be matched exactly with our other product, Joesy. You can use both large and small parts with its curved and flat features, and you can greatly support our children's imagination with this toy, which is unique among educational toys. This product, which supports the development of our children, is also preferred in educational institutions such as kindergarten, nursery school and primary school. Mega Joesy in a 100-piece plastic storage container at all select stores.

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Product Dimensions
19.5 x 28.5 x 13 cm
Other informations

Package Shape: In plastic container

Package Dimensions: 19.5 x 28.5 x 13 cm.

Quantity in Box: 18

Box Dimensions: 58 x 61 x 39 cm.

Net Box Weight: 20,562 gr.