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Wooden Table Match (10 Players)

Our Table Match branded table football product, which we produce from wooden materials, in which a total of 10 people can play table football, has 10 arms and a total of 2 meters. It will give you the pleasure of table football and matches in various events, openings, festivals, fairs, corporate events, etc. For this reason, our table football product for 10 people, which we produce from wooden material, is completely natural and healthy. Our Wooden Table Match (10 Person) product, which we produce on special order, will give you fun and contentious moments as a group.

SKU: 408 Category: Product ID: 21059


Product Dimensions
45 x 209.5 x 78 cm. (After Installation)
Other informations

Package Type: DOPEL Plastered Cardboard Box

Package Dimensions: 210 x 45 x 30 cm.

Pieces in a Box: 1 (*) It is produced only on order.