Wooden Table Soccer Game
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Product Description
Experience the enjoyment of soccer matches at your home thanks to our wooden table soccer game under the brand name “Table Soccer”. This table soccer game will make the footballers thatour children dream of come true on the pitch. This soccer game product is also manufactured by only using safe and healthy raw materials and paints suitable for children’s health same as all of our other products. 3 balls are placed inside the package of the toy. Our table soccer game made of wooden materials is sold in unassembled form. To view the assembly instructions for Wooden Table Soccer Game please click on the “View Assembly Video” button above.
Product Features
Product Code
Product Sizes
54 x 49,3 x 10,4 cm. (Kurulumdan sonra tutacaktan tutacağa)
Other Informations

Paket Şekli: Karton Kutu 

Paket Ebatları: 45 x 32,5 x 11 cm. 

Koli içi Adet: 6 

Koli Ebatları: 66 x 33,5 x 46,5 cm. 

Net Koli Ağırlığı: 12,820 gr.

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