Soroban Mental Aritmetik Abaküsü
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Product Description
SOROBAN is an abacus developed and used in Japan. It is considered the first calculator and dates back approximately 5000 years. It is a method of calculation training the right lobe of the brain and is directly related to the visual memory. To give a simple example, now imagine that there are 3 marble balls, and now pick up one of them and put it in your pocket, look at the picture in your mind, what do you see and how many marble balls are in your hand? This is most probably one of the most simplified but at the same time one of the best examples to explain what the fundamentals of abacus are.The abacus mental picture training will increase memory power and sharpen mental formation of children. At the present time, the earliest age to start the abacus math is normally about 5 years old. In the first place, training starts with simple transactions such as adding or subtracting single digit numbers, and then training progresses by gradually increasing the digits. Later on, it is used for various transactions such as multiplying and dividing multi digit numbers and calculating square root. It has been tested several times and proven that as the training progresses mental image calculation is faster compared to using calculators and that the abacus is more reliable than a calculator. Our product which is a unique toy supporting our children’s development and learning is also preferred by educational institutions such as day care centers, kindergartens and primary schools.
Product Features
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21 x 1,5 x 6 cm. (13 Basamaklı
Other Informations

Paket Şekli: Asmalı Karton Kutu 

Paket Ebatları: 21 x 1,5 x 12 cm.

Ürün Ebatları: 21 x 1,5 x 6 cm. (13 Basamaklı)

Koli içi Adet: 60 

Koli Ebatları: 30 x 26 x 22 cm.

Net Koli Ağırlığı: 8,820 gr.

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