Rooper - Rope Dancer(6 Units)
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Product Description
Its design mentality is based on one of the most basic rules of geometry: “One and only one line passes through two different points.” Our rope product may be considered as a game platform made of a very soft material with specially designed holes onit.Children can fix colored ropes to these holes by having them pass through special tubes by which lines with different colors are created between the holes.The children’s imagination is the only limit where they can go with these lines and create a wide variety of patters by using them. Furthermore, since the material used is a rope, passing the line only through two different points is no longer a mandatory requirement. In this training and educational game, curves, knots, bowknots and any other shape or any other thing whatever depending on the imagination and creative discretion of children can be used. Our product which is a unique toy supporting our children’s development and learning is also preferred by educational institutions such as day care centers, kindergartens and primary schools. “Rooper- (İpCambazı in Turkish which means rope dancer) will, no doubt, be the favorite toy for all kids with its unique design, entertaining style and mind developing features.
Product Features
Product Code
Product Sizes
28 x 19,7 x 1,2 cm. (x6 Pieces of White Platform)
Other Informations

Package Type : Carton Box

Package Dimensions : 38,5 x 25 x 7,3 cm.

Quantity in Box : 12 

Box Dimensions : 51,5 x 47 x 50,5 cm.

Box Weight :  19,850 gr.

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