Mega Table Soccer (4 Armed)
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Product Description
Our Mega Table Soccer game product which is manufactured from wooden materials has 4 rods and 12 figures. Our Wooden Table Soccer Game product allows you to bring the excitement and enjoyment of soccer wherever you wish and is manufactured by using first quality materials and workmanship and offered for sale with the hundred percent naturalness and healthiness of wood. Our table soccer game product made of wooden materials is sold in unassembled form. To view the assembly instructions for Wooden Table Soccer Game (4 rods) please click on the “View Assembly Video” button above.
Product Features
Product Code
Product Sizes
92 x 151 x 85
Other Informations

Ürün Ebatları: 92 x 151 x 85 cm. 

Saha Ebatları: 60 x 120 cm.

Koli içi Adet : 1

Koli Ebatları : 28 x 156 x 74 cm.

Koli Ağırlığı : 34,010 Kg.

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