Joesy Educational Block Games 50 Pieces Carton Box
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Product Description
Now let’s imagine a toy. In our world where everything is standard and spelled out for all of us a toy through which children can spark their imagination better. Joesy Toy, which does not look like any other toy, allows children to bring their imagination, whether realistic or surrealistic, to life. Since it has both curved and straight lines it is a unique kind of toy that directly matches with our philosophy and mission of manufacturing extraordinary and non-standard toys. Like all other members of our educational toys category, Joesy is also a unique and one hundred percent healthy toy. In addition to all these Joesy is also one to one compatible with our yet another product named Joesy Mega. Its large and small pieces can be used together thank to its unique design featuring both curved and straight lines. This uniquetoy steps to the forefront among educational toys and nurtures your child’s imagination and creativity which are of great importance in children’s development. Our product, which is a unique toy with its multi-purpose features supporting our children’s development and learning, is also preferred by educational institutions such as day care centers, kindergartens and primary schools. Joesy is offered for sale in all outstanding toy stores in its 50 pieces plastic storage box.
Product Features
Product Code
Product Sizes
28 x 35 x 7,5 cm
Other Informations

Package Type : Carton Box

Package Dimensions : 28 x 35 x 7,5 cm.

Quantity in Box : 12 

Box Dimensions : 47 x 57 x 37 cm.

Box Weight :  5,480 gr.

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