Crazy Educational Block Games 1000 Pieces
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Product Description
CRAZY is an innovative educational toy. With a unique geometry specific to itself, multiple use features and flexible structure it is a very different toy compared to the others in the market in terms of its functionality, ease of use and educational features. These features allow our children to be able to create straight shapes or curved or archaic and three dimension shapes as they wish. Like all other members of our educational toys category, CRAZY is also a unique and one hundred percent healthy toy. Our product, which is a unique toy with its multi-purpose features supporting our children’s development and learning, is also preferred by educational institutions such as day care centers, kindergartens and primary schools. You can find our CRAZY brand products in our educational toys category comprising 1000 pieces in all outstanding toy stores.
Product Features
Product Code
Product Sizes
40 x 28 x 18 cm
Other Informations

Package Type : Plastic Container

Package Dimensions : 40 x 28 x 18 cm.

Quantity in Box : 8 

Box Dimensions : 43 x 75 x 50,5 cm.

Box Weight :  37,540 gr.

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